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Our Commitment to Safety:

1. We will always do a site analysis before beginning. This will also entail discussion with you on the best and safest possible flight path.

2. We will always complete a full check on the equipment prior to flight.

3. We commit to not fly over objects/property/people in a way that pose significant safety risks.

4. We will not fly in adverse weather conditions.

5. We have in place redundant fail-safe mechanisms that will bring the aerial vehicle to a safe landing upon loss of communication signal.

6. Actual flight time will be at our discretion, contingent on various safety factors during time of flight..


Aerial Videography Permit:

1. By law, any aerial flight conducted in Singapore has to be approved by three agencies: (1) Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS); (2) Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF); (3) Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

2. Application of permit will take approximately 2 weeks.

3. Prior permission has to be obtained before flying over private property.

4. To aid a fast and smooth-sailing permit application, we may require your assistance to provide certain documentation prior to flight.